Augusrt 2015, LB Gregg LLC

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An excerpt from the first in the Cornwall series

The flashlight blinked out, and I choked. "Knock it off, Shannon. You're not funny."

"Are you kidding me?" Shannon banged the flashlight against his hand. The light sputtered and then failed altogether. My hands went from adrenaline-numb to ice cold as Shannon fumed beside me. "Can you believe this shit?"

"Yes. I can believe anything right now. I can believe in the tooth fairy at this point. I even believe that you packed extra batteries." My voice cracked as night swallowed the air.

"These are my extra batteries."

My shoulder ached as if the temperature dropped another five degrees. I slid my backpack off, found my nuts, and glared at the spot where Shannon should be. I willed the flashlight to work. Work. Work. When that failed, I let my eyes adjust to the gloom. "You're always so prepared -- "

His heavy hand landed on my sore shoulder.


"Shhh. Be still. Do you hear that?" Shannon yanked me against his chest. I was too surprised to do anything but dangle there until he led me into the thicket by the hand. He pulled me behind him close enough that my groin snuggled his ass with every step.

Except for the backpacks knocking me in the face and the blood on my hands...in any other circumstance, this would have been a dream come true.

Oh, fuck it. This was a dream come true. We were reenacting a moment straight from one of my favorite porno flick Boys & Bears.

Yes. This was absolutely the worst time to think about sex, but his calloused fingers gripped my wrist and he dragged me into the underbrush and holy shit, his firm ass wiggled against my firming crotch. I got hard -- I wasn't proud of it. My dick stiffened like a good not-so-little soldier as his hips kissed my groin, and once we stopped, his lips brushed my ear. "Shhh."

Torture. Absolute fucking torture.

I closed my eyes and stifled a moan. In that movie, the big guy, Duke, had fucked his little camping buddy against a sturdy tree trunk while owls hooted and coyotes howled in the distance. Naturally, they'd remembered to bring lube and condoms, and through good lighting and amazing balance they'd shucked their clothes (except somehow they'd left their boots on) and screwed as furi- ously as animals against the rough bark of a towering oak. Or maple. And no one had gotten a splinter in the ass.

Even so, I had tweezers---

But that wasn't on the program for this evening -- so I got a grip.

We had a minor skirmish over who was shielding who. We could have alerted the mayor two towns north of here with the ruckus we made getting ourselves hidden behind our own sturdy tree trunk, until Shannon finally wriggled behind me, and his crotch ground into my ass. He clapped onto my biceps with his strong hands. "Stay put, Allie."

How could he be oblivious to the sexual nature of our position? I mean, really? He was on top of me, holding me, and speaking in that rumbly voice. The way he said my name...Allie...it was like sex talk. It was all I could do not to slide my hands around his hips and drag him against me.

Our bags lay in the dirt, and I focused on staying alert and useful instead of being mind-blowingly turned on. The minutes slogged by, but the night sounds were a great distraction. Chirps, ticks, snaps, and crackles. Wild animals.

Wings. The wind blew endlessly through the treetops, and pinecones landed in the dirt like shrapnel. Shannon's breath waxed and waned, fluttering into my hair. My heart beat...heartily...and his chest pressed the full length of my back.

Frankly, he was a little closer than he needed to be.

There was movement to our left -- down along the Furnace Brook trail. Someone was climbing that hill. I could feel a presence way before the sound of moving feet reached my ears. Shannon whispered into my neck, and his lips touched my skin. "Don't move."

As if I would ever.

copyright 2009-18, l.b. gregg