How I Met Your Father


November 2013, Riptide Publishing

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Home for the Holidays

Trade paperback

December 2013, Riptide Publishing

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How I Met Your Father

An excerpt from the standalone novel

A wall of stifling humidity swamped me on the jet way, but it didn't slow me. My first stop in San Juan would be a tour of the restroom. Sure, I needed to clean the feel of him from my hands, right freaking now, but a bigger problem presented itself thanks to that grabby man-coddler. I wasn't the only one who'd sat stiff and silent for the last few minutes of the flight, because that final slide and push of his thumb against my palm hadn't been innocent. It had been sexual. More than a pass, it had been a promise.

I sped through the jam-packed terminal, ignoring announcements, the garish Christmas displays, the crush of overburdened holiday tourists, and any form of directions to my gate--both in English and Spanish. I fast tracked my way through the crowd, sporting an unprecedented, uncomfortable, and very public erection. If anyone recognized me in this boned-up state, just one celebrity savvy stranger with a handy-dandy cell phone, one TMZ where-are-they-now parasite, I could kiss my hard-earned privacy goodbye.

I'd nearly made it to safety, too, my dumb dick rubbing wantonly inside my underwear as I jogged, when a firm hand landed between my shoulder blades and shoved me.

"In here."

The scent of aftershave gave him away.


A wide palm splayed high on my spine. Hot breath tickled my neck as he hustled us toward the family restroom. We were steps away. Something nudged my backside, probably his carry-on bag, but I came to an impossibly stiff point anyway as he all but threw me inside the bathroom.

The door slammed, the lock clicked into place, and like that, we were alone in an antiseptic, white-tiled lavatory. A couple of handrails, a toilet, a sink, and a plastic changing table strapped to the wall. Two fat koalas stared at us. The sound of our breath filled the small space.

He moved fast. Caging me against the wall, gray eyes full of sin. Cool tile chilled me through my shirt. My heart thumped. Tall. Jesus, he was so tall the top of my head barely came to his chin. He could tuck me right under. "Just trust me."

Trust him? I didn't trust anyone, but right now? I was in. Maybe it was the left-over adrenaline from our hellish flight, or the fact that he'd chased me from the plane, through the gate, and halfway to the next terminal, or maybe I was just desperate for human contact, or maybe this kind of trust was the easiest kind--so, yeah, I was in.

I nodded and wet my lips and his gaze followed the swipe of my tongue. A lock of golden hair touched his collar. Stubble peppered his jaw, but I focused on the shadowed spot where his open shirt met tanned skin.

Say something, you moron.

"Do you know who I am?" Instant regret. I swallowed and tried again. "I mean--"

"I don't care." A growl, and the world went black with a click...

copyright 2009-18, l.b. gregg