Ms. Gregg Goes to San Diego!

You can catch LB next Wednesday, July 13, in San Diego along with 400 other romance authors at the #readersforlife Literacy Autographing!

Stop by and say hello. Buy a book--and the proceeds will benefit literacy organizations! Give the gift of reading.

Wednesday, July 13
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Pacific Ballroom
San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina

L.B.? Italiano? Si! Si! Si!

Believe it or not, L.B. now has three books out in Italian, all in the Amoria a Smithfield series. eLit has recently published the Italian editions of Mark & Tony, Max & Finn and Seth & David (the latest!) and hoo-boy, check out dem covers!


There's Something About Ari

Yep, and that something is that the audio edition of There's Something About Ari is coming in May from Riptide, narrated by Nick J. Russo. More details as we get them...

The Men of Smithfield:
Sam and Aaron

This funny, steamy, slightly complicated tale features a lonely young innkeeper (Sam) and a mysterious, inexplicably appealing guest (Aaron). When Sam realizes the family B&B's first ever long-term boarder is the same dude who freed him from an embarrassing encounter with the Library's book drop, he's convinced the new guy is up to no good. Because Aaron M. Saunders is definitely a cat burglar. Maybe. But he's definitely nosy. He's sneaky. He's single. And worse -- he's from California.

Sam, the staid and steady innkeeper, finds himself tiptoeing around the quiet town of Smithfield, hours past his bedtime, following super-secretive, super-sexy Aaron M. Saunders. And the more Sam pursues Aaron, the more confused, charmed, suspicious, turned-on, and, well, interesting he becomes. Sam is suddenly acting his age. Getting into trouble. And maybe he's even getting some.

How I Met Your Father
Narrated by Nick J. Russo

Former boy band member Justin Hayes isn't looking for a man. He just wants a quiet, scandal-free Christmas at home in Chicago, out of the public eye. But his best friend and bandmate is†subjecting everyone to his destination wedding, and Justin can't dodge the "best man" bullet. All he has to do is get to the island on time, survive the reunion, and get Chuck to the altar with as little drama as possible. What could possibly go wrong?

Now Available

Yes, NOW! Riptide Publishing proudly presents the third in the Romano and Albright 3 series, With this Bling, with The Blog Tour running from December 7-11.

Meanwhile, for those of you who just can't wait to get into seasonal mode, check out this free read, "Snow Fell in Staten Island," a little coda L.B. wrote a couple of years ago, featuring our boys Romano and Albright.

And if that doesn't make your tinsel tinkle, available right now are LB's holiday Cornwall Novellas Dudleytown and Simple Gifts! Back at last!

Great News for Buck & Ari Fans

Due to popular demand LB will write a second installment for Riptide Publishing's Bluewater Bay series, The Buck Stops Here. Coming soon!

Hey! Remember These Guys?

Of course you do! At long last, Caesar and Dan finally make their triumphant return to your favorite reading device or bookshelf this November!

**Cue musical flourish and confetti cannon**

Here's the OFFICIAL announcement from Riptide Publishing:

Fans of L.B. Gregg's much loved Romano & Albright series will be thrilled to hear that Riptide will be releasing two more books in series: With This Bling in November 2015 and Gaydar Love in late 2016. These hilarious books follow Caesar Romano and his detective boyfriend Dan Albright as they navigate their way through life and love and relationships.

With This Bling!

Isn't that the most awesome title? Why haven't I used that one before? I'm working on the storyline now--so no spoilers. Writing is complicated! And difficult! Also frightening. And, it's wicked time-consuming. A full 60-70k book (which some authors write in a SNAP) will take half a year to complete--meaning this may be the only book I produce this year.

You know you want it.

Meanwhile, you can pick up books one and two, Catch Me If You Can and Trust Me If You Dare over at Amazon, just in case you'd like to refresh your memory.

Happy January!

Missed the Tour?

L.B. recently wrapped a Virtual Book Tour to promote There's Something About Ari and other upcoming projects, but fret not! Here are a few of the hightlights:


L.B. Gregg on her inspiration

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Something to Give Thanks For

Turkey, yams, dressing, pie... and a new book from L.B. That's what November's for. Her new novel, There's Something About Ari, hit the stands this November 10.

It's part of Riptide Publishing's new Bluewater Bay series, a collaborative effort by some of your favourite LGBTQ romance writers Set in a sleepy little logging town on Washington state's Olympic Peninsula that's been slowly dying for years, until a television crew moves in to film Wolf's Landing, a soon-to-be cult hit based on the wildly successful shifter novels penned by local author Hunter Easton.

Just Hangin' with Some Buds, Spinnin' Some Yarns...

"Mark and Tony," L.B.'s steamy little novella about the recently dumped Mark and his old pal Tony who turns out to be a real super trooper, is included in a new, fiscally tempting and romantically tantalizing four-story anthology from Carina Press, with the catchy title of Contemporary Male/Male Romance Box Set. Other authors along for the ride include Josh Lanyon, KC Burns, and Libby Drew. The stories aren't new, just the pricing!

Good News for the Faithful

A brand-new, never-before-published book in the Men of Smithfield series, Sam and Aaron, is now available.

Poor Sam. He thought restoring the family B&B was enough to keep his hands full. But then their first boarder, Aaron, a hunky Californian, moves in...

Is How I Met Your Father
the new face of Amazon?

L.B.'s just asking, you know? Because in a recent Queerty post, entitled "Seven Cool Companies That Want Your Gay Money This Holiday Season," they use L.B.'s "trashy gay romance novel" How I Met Your Father to demonstrate how gay-friendly Amazon can be.

Smokin' Hot Author Pic

In May 2012, L.B. Gregg and her pal, Paul, participated in the NOH8 photo shoot held at the Hartford Public Library.

The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest. For more information on this campaign visit NOH8.

"Who should I make this out to?"

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