From L.B.'s home in the hills:

2016 New Year's resolution was 'see more live music' which has made this year just terrific. Small venues, cheap tickets, great bands. We've driven as far as DC and Maine, and we're not stopping yet. And, with a brand new love for running, I participated in my first official sporting event ever. In my life. Ever. Wow. Bucket list moment--and only 5K so, pretty much a good time all around.

Thanks to team Eat My Shorts for getting me moving. I <3 you guys.

My time is focused on running, Daphne, writing, coffee, Mr. Darcy, wine, music, friends, family, and the long journey back and forth to Singapore. As for the rest of 2016? More of the same, I reckon.

Stay happy. Read books.

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